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C.I.A. Homes!

About Us

What We Do

We are BUILDERS! From start to finish, enjoy an organized team of professionals at your service whose only objective is 100% customer satisfaction. Everything gets blueprinted, discussed with our tradesmen and a timeline is agreed upon by all. Each one of our employees are invested in perfection. In fact, it is specified as a requirement on our employee application. "If perfection is not your main objective, please discontinue this application. Thank you."

Who We Are

We are a true family owned and oriented company. Licensed and insured. Professional and more importantly, accountable. No nonsense, detailed designs, realistic timelines, breathtaking results and a company, who as a whole, must review every job, every week, every time because customer service is not our slogan, it is why we exist!


Why Choose Us

Because we rock! Our company was founded on NYC codes and requirements. Forcing contractors to perfection and accountability every single step of the way. We have seen the wisdom in the documentation process and the breathtaking results customers demand in NYC (flare & all) and have brought it to Westchester. The result is now A mom & pop company, Westchester bred team with extensive constrution experience that will wow anyone.


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Construction Innovation Agency

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