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Kitchen/Bath Renovations

Custom countertops, floating bathroom vanities, breakfast nooks, we do it all! Our team truly takes your dreams seriously. Whether you are looking for a small update or extended kitchen, we have composed a team of individuals who have perfected standards. Perfection is not our objective. 

It's our JOB!

NOW OFFERING (INSURED) Handy Man Services!

Need something fixed? Door hung? Hole patched? Cabinets Realigned? Gutter fixed? That's Jeremiah by the way! Say Hi! Allow one of local carpenters to do some much needed maintenance on your home. We price by either the job or day, depending on what you require. MOST HANDYMAN SERVICES PERFORMED COME WITH FREE INSURANCE AS WELL!!!

Basement Refinishing

Whether you just need some mold control, a small storage closet or a complete renovation done, we can do it. This is a sure way to add value to your home, with the pricing of housing going up and families getting bigger.


Heated floors, hardwood (re-finishing & installing), tile, marble, stone and etc...  We are well versed in many aspects of flooring. Our team will make sure your ideas are realistic and cost effective for you.


We can add on, take off or START FRESH! Our carpenters consider doing decks part of  their bonus. We love pretreated wood but we are also proficient in laminate decking as well. Single tier, multi-tiered or extended off a second story home. We got you covered.


We have acquired an amazing network of professionals and tradesmen. We are true dream builders. Do not hesitate to share your extraordinary ideas with us. You'll be amazed at what we can accomplish.